Life is always in transition, let me guide you in forward steps.

I am convinced a stagnant life does not exist.  We are continuously learning and growing.

The choices we make along the way make us grow (or not).

I want to journey with you and move you forward into your personal and professional goals!


A direct, open, and sensible person who will guide you through introspective questions

to gain a deeper understanding of your life/work.

“How can I help you get to your next step.”

I am convinced you are the expert and will be the one that comes up with answers and action steps.

I help ask the necessary questions to find those answers.

This is not a one-time deal...this is a “journey” made up of small forward steps.

The benefit of being coached: genuine curiosity, no judgement, no presumptions. I am effective in openness and inquisitive interest.

improve, re-imagine or change jobs

organize your home and/or work life

making sure the right choices are made

dream into your future

“For me, Janny's ability to sit, listen, and process is fantastic for our coaching sessions. For me, the most helpful thing is talking out and through my specific problem. I felt like Janny was really paying attention while I talked it out, and after would offer me follow up questions or prompt me to take action.”

Are you open to learning…

thinking critically about your life/work…

feeling stuck where you are at…

readying to retire and thinking about the next phase…

wanting to move into conscious living…

need a deep listener who dares to ask the necessary questions?

Contact Me

I want to help you have more influence on your daily life,

by creating a renewed focus on the ability to make changes,

and live out your passions.

When you are ready to take next steps

email or click below

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