About Janny:

I was born and raised in The Netherlands and have worked in settings where I could use my strengths: observing and analyzing challenging situations, and advising parents and professionals to improve their abilities to work and raise kids and youth with special needs.

Education is a passion. I want to help professionals improve and re-imagine their job, work - we are always learning and growing. Life is always in transition, and the choices we make along the way make us grow or not.

I am passionate to challenge leaders to look at their work and/or life from a different perspective and guide them in improving or inventing new ways in their leadership and life.

I have used my learnings and experiences in different settings while living in the United States. I was hired to improve a Dutch School in South California and prevent loss of funding. I have worked in a Lutheran church in Children Ministries to grow that ministry, focused on quality, and was blessed to work in Youth Ministry as well. I served on a church council as vice & co-president and my latest job in a church setting was as Congregational Life Director. My focus was to guide the congregation in the transition of becoming a Reconciling in Christ congregation.

I am passionate about bringing improvement to an organization, and leading others in change, towards a desired future. My best work is done through one-on-one coaching relationships.

I have a Dutch Masters’ degree in Educational Sciences, have completed training to lead a Dutch Elementary school in a foreign country, and finished Certification School through Vibrant Faith. In 2020 I completed Coaching School and I am a ICF credentialed coach. Without my spouse I would not have landed in the US, where we are guiding our two kids through life.

‘Janny is an energetic and fun person. She has a depth of spirit you don't often find. I believe she is one of the most honest and caring people I know.’

‘I would describe Janny as a very empathetic and warm personality. I always feel not only supported but really just listened to when we talk.’

‘You are positive, honest/blunt/Dutch, dependable, fun, deep thinking, and open.’

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