A direct, open, and sensible person who will guide you through introspective questions to gain a deeper understanding of your own work in the church.

Frankincense oil was considered holy and set apart for God.

We can give each other gifts of spiritual growth: gifts that help us be set apart.

Guiding ministry leaders (pastors, deacons, council members) through questions and listening, to grow their impact within the congregation or organization.

I want to help people have an influence on their ministry setting, by creating a renewed focus on the ability to make changes, and live out their passions.

I am convinced the church leader is the expert and will be the one that comes up with answers and action steps - I help ask the necessary questions to find those answers.

I bring passion & love for the church and Christ and have a big inner drive of improving the church. I will help bring sensical, emotional & mental growth by bringing awareness to the vision and mission of your congregation or organization.

I have years of church experience under my belt, and have learned necessary tools to use my gifts in an effective and appropriate manner.


C – Comes alongside

O – Observes carefully.

A – Asks questions wisely.

C – Communicates options and resources.

H – Holds accountable (and cares for the heart).

Tim Roehl and Steve Ogne


The benefit of being coached by a lay leader instead of a peer-pastor: genuine curiosity, no judgement, no presumptions. I am effective in openness and inquisitive interest. Remember, I have not been in your shoes, nor have I had your job.

“I need a difference and don’t want to be coached by another pastor.”


ministry leaders

pastors, deacons, council members

lay leaders, volunteers

“You helped me clarify my goals and gave me confidence that they were good ones, and then you moved me on to how I could accomplish them. It was the Holy Spirit that made it possible for me to take these coaching classes.

My leadership has been benefitting and my everyday life, too.”

W.P. Young ‘"Wholeness" is when the way of your being matches the truth of your being. That's authenticity. That begs the question, what's the truth of your being? This is where this understanding of Jesus at the center of all the cosmos becomes absolutely critical. The truth of your being is that you are a very good creation.

Contact Me

For a free first session -via Zoom-  to explore possibilities and costs,

email me at franknsense50@gmail.com

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